Hippo Math

Augmented Reality Math

Meet the new face-controlled brain training game

Count and catch fruits with your mouth to feed the hungry hippopotamus. Be careful, don’t let him eat rotten fruits and avoid overeating!

The app uses the TrueDepth camera to recognize and detect the user’s facial expression. Face recognition is available only for iPhone X, to play on other devices, use touch control.

Starting the game, you’ll see a path with different fruits rolling down over it down to the hippo. You are also given a certain number of fruits necessary to eat. Your goal is to feed the hippo with the right amount of the necessary fruits. It is not a simple task as you should make the necessary facial expressions and count the eaten fruits simultaneously to win the game.

Key features:

Open & close your mouth as if trying to catch them

If you don’t need any fruit - blow it off

Do not overfeed the hippo

Do not let the hippo eat rotten fruits

At first, you are given hints (how many fruits are eaten, how many are needed to be eaten). When you get the certain score the hints disappear, and you should calculate by yourself. Later, you'll have to memorize the number of fruits necessary to eat, as it will disappear from the screen.
Vito Team