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Create an atmosphere of space journey right in your living room with the Outland app! Hook up your device to a TV or open it up on Apple TV and enjoy the beauty of the Universe. Watch gorgeous videos accompanied by nicely arranged music that makes the experience of space travel even more profound.

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Enjoy amazing videos featuring:

  • Butterfly Nebula
  • Calabash Nebula
  • Cat's Eye Nebula
  • Minkowski's Butterfly Nebula
  • Hu,bble Space Telescope and ISS flying over the surface of the Earth
  • Tropical cyclone moving over the Earth
  • The Earth view during the day and night
  • Winds of Jupiter and much more! Outland is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.


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Bring the beauty of the Universe to your device or living room with Outland!
Watch 20 gorgeous videos and reveal the secrets of space.
Videos feature a wide range of fascinating scenes from beautiful nebulas and remote planets to a cyclone moving over the Earth.
Each video is accompanied by lovely music to create the ultimate atmosphere.
Explore our amazing Universe and enjoy fascinating space scenes.
The furthest reaches of space are closer than you think!


With Outland — Space Journey the furthest reaches of space have never felt closer. Appreciate the views, enjoy the music, and create the ultimate atmosphere.


This app, in my opinion, is outstanding in both quality and educational content.


Sometimes it's nice to slow down and just enjoy the beauty of space!

Larmon VanWinkle

This app has great time-lapse videos that help you appreciate the beauty of Earth.

SF Presidio

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