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Sky Tonight

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Sky Tonight by Star Walk is a brand new powerful stargazing guide. We created this easy-to-use and informative app, drawing on a decade of experience with Star Walk 2 and recognizing the needs and wants of stargazers all over the world. That's why using Sky Tonight is the easiest and most convenient way to explore the sky!

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Take advantage of Sky Tonight

  • Point your device at the sky, and Sky Tonight will show you the real-time positions of celestial objects in an interactive map.
  • Activate the augmented reality mode and see the sky map overlaid on the image from your device's camera.
  • Use flexible search to find any object you're interested in: look for "stars", "mars conjunctions", or "solar eclipse", and the astronomical app will show you all the related objects, events, and articles.
  • See how celestial objects move relative to you by using a unique feature — the interactive trajectory.
  • Set customizable event reminders at any time and date: simply move time to the future and tap the bell icon on the time panel.
  • Learn what astronomy events will occur this month or see what happened in the sky a year ago with an astronomical calendar.
  • Predict the conditions for stargazing with Stargazing Index and Weather Forecast in the Visible Tonight and Calendar sections.
  • Take advantage of the bottom navigation that is incredibly convenient for those who use both optical devices and a mobile app during observations.
  • Keep up with the latest news from the world of astronomy with the What's New section.


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Explore the sky in augmented reality
Find and identify celestial objects in the sky above you
Keep abreast of the latest news from the world of astronomy
Plan your observations and get stargazing tips
Be aware of spectacular celestial events with the astronomical calendar
Explore space objects and learn more about astronomy


The app concentrates on what you can see, bringing the bright stars and planets into sharp focus with lots of information about their history, lore, and the times they'll rise over the horizon over the next month. It even tips you off about events such as conjunctions and occultations. In brief, it's one of the best stargazing apps currently available.

Sky Tonight is nicely designed while also providing a lot of great information. It includes augmented reality of the constellations but also the latest news in astronomy, a calendar of celestial events (including a daily stargazing index and weather), and a list of objects that are visible tonight (i.e. planets, constellations, stars) through binoculars, a telescope or using the naked eye.


Another very interesting aspect of this app is the Visible Tonight section, which will tell you what celestial objects you can see tonight. In addition, it will also indicate the level of visibility based on factors such as cloud coverage and light pollution.


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