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Solar Walk 2

Solar Walk 2

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Solar Walk 2 Edu

Solar Walk 2 Edu

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Solar Walk 2 is a powerful educational tool to explore the Solar system. The app takes you on a fascinating trip through the vast realms of space and introduces an amazing Solar system model with beautiful 3D representations of the Sun, the Moon, planets, satellites, planetary atmospheres, and other space objects in the smallest details. Based on real physics and the latest photographic data, Solar Walk 2 comes to life with stunning visual effects of planetary atmospheres, solar flares, auroras, and asteroid belts to give the space depth and feel that hadn’t yet been possible on a mobile device.

Solar Walk 2 app

Take advantage of Solar Walk 2

  • Observe the Solar system in 3D. Explore planets from different angles, zoom any celestial body in and out, enjoy stunning graphics and visual effects, the textures of the planets, the beauty and realness of the images.
  • Use a time machine feature. Choose any date and time and travel in time, observing the most interesting celestial events of different periods.
  • See realistic 3D models of spacecraft, satellites, and interplanetary stations in real action. Learn where they started, track the real trajectory of their flight path, watch gravitational maneuvers, view real pictures made during the missions.
  • Don’t miss the latest astronomy news with the app's "What's new" section. It will inform you about the most outstanding celestial events in time.
  • Learn more about space missions and the history of space exploration.
  • Take advantage of the app as an educational tool for both adults and children. The amount of information about planets, moons, satellites, and other celestial bodies is impressive. All content is age-appropriate and detailed; impressive video effects make learning our Solar system even more engaging.


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Our Solar system in details
A close-up look at the planets inner structure
Calendar with celestial events
3D models of spacecraft and satellites
Prominent historical space exploration
The latest astronomy news


It is one of the most visually spectacular renderings of our solar system in existence today, and that’s before you even consider the app’s content. It goes further than most apps in that you can zoom in closely on planets, view said planets’ details, view photographs and other media regarding selected celestial objects, and also map out the positions of various stars and satellites as well. Its content and gorgeous 3D design makes it an essential app to own, regardless of your level of knowledge of the solar system when taking the plunge.

Norman Black (Star Mapping)

Solar Walk 2 is a comprehensive encyclopedia of the solar system anchored by a 3D model. Use the app to explore space, spacecraft, and planets via an interactive planetarium augmented by panoramic photos.

Jackie Dove, Simon Chandler (Digital Trends)

The first app, Solar Walk, provides some terrific information and visuals as well. Solar Walk 2 differs in that even though you can explore the app yourself, it provides more of a guided experience. The interface is very easy to navigate and the visuals are gorgeous as you zoom in or out and just slide your finger to move through space.

Sandy Stachowiak (AppAdvice)

I like the upgrades provided in Solar Walk version 2. The application is entertaining and useful as an astronomy educational tool. I’m awarding this application a 9 out of 10.

David M. Acklam (