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Moon Walk

Moon Walk

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Moon Walk is an augmented reality app that places you right in the middle of the Apollo 11 mission and gives you a chance to repeat the journey of the bravest people. Walk on the Moon the way Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong would have, witness lunar craters and landscapes around them, gaze out at the darkening sky and enjoy the out-of-this-world experience.

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Take advantage of Moon Walk

  • Go through the simulations of the Apollo 11 Moon landing mission in augmented reality.
  • Take Neil Armstrong’s exact path on the lunar surface under real conditions.
  • Tap on an object to learn the core information about it.
  • Enjoy the augmented reality scene with a map of the Apollo 11 mission.
  • Witness the Earth and the Sun just like they appear from the Moon.
  • Listen to the astronauts’ conversations during the mission.
  • Repeat the glory of the historic lunar landing mission with Moon Walk!


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Experience Apollo 11 mission in AR
Repeat the journey of Great Americans
Learn more about the historical Apollo 11
Read the details about the main objects
Witness beautiful lunar craters and landscapes
See the AR map of the lunar landing mission


Fantastic app from Vito Tech just like their other apps. Absolutely loving it!

Shreyas Aradhya

Just loved it. It is very easy and fun.

Vaishali Dhome

Such a fun way to celebrate the 50th anniversary, seriously love hearing their conversation and experiencing it real-time. My space-obsessed kids are over-the-moon. Nice work!

Tiffany Greene

Good app. I love astronomy subjects and this fun app.

Jayantha Algewaththa

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