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Geo Walk is a world factbook containing information on animals, plants, historical events, famous people, and inventions. All articles can be explored in a fun way by traveling across the globe and learning fascinating facts about the world.

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Take advantage of Geo Walk

  • About 500 objects with up-to-date descriptions are available for your edutainment. Learn about interesting historical places, great people, unusual animals, and plants all around the world!
  • Intuitive, snazzy interface makes you feel like you are sitting at your desk and watching photos.
  • Spin an interactive globe covered with thumbnail pictures — flashcards. Tap one of them, and you'll see an image indicating one of the game's four categories: animals and plants, history, people, and inventions. Tap the picture to read the article presenting the information in a short, accessible form.
  • Each card has a picture and text; you can share it on social media or read a Wikipedia article.
  • With a category filter, you can choose the category you are curious about — just tap the unwanted category's icon to dismiss it.
  • The information is presented in two view modes, globe view or card stream mode, so you always have an option.
  • Challenging quiz will let you check and memorize the facts easily and playfully.
  • Try Geo Walk and explore the world right now!


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Explore the Earth with Geo Walk, a world encyclopedia in 3D!
Discover over 500 wonders of our planet, including interesting places, animals and plants, people, and events.
Travel across the world by using a 3D globe and learn amazing facts related to different places.
With interactive cards, you can easily learn key information on various phenomena and share it with your friends on social media.
Articles covering a wide range of topics are placed on the Earth by their location and equipped with pictures and short descriptions.
Take an educational and fascinating quiz to test your knowledge.


Geo Walk is also an educational app, and features a rotatable model of Earth, with various landmarks and places touchable on it. Click on the Eiffel Tower, and you'll get a picture, as well as a quick blurb about the structure. The design seems to be the same as the other Vito apps — create an interface that's fun and easy to navigate around, and then fill it with as much information as possible.

Mike Schramm, Engadget

Geo Walk doesn't explore deep space, it explores our own varied planet. Think of Geo Walk as a world factbook at your fingertips.

Mel Martin, Engadget

Back in the pre-Internet days, kids who loved to learn found particular joy in the World Book Encyclopedia — a blue-spined collection of volumes, filled with information about just about everything, that could be found in most school libraries across the land. Geo Walk should hold similar appeal to the newest generation of precocious, iPhone-savvy students.

Joel Mathis, Macworld

Since the information included on each card is brief, this app is a great source to use as an idea generator for research topics. Categories can be deselected, too, so you could make available only the options you want your students to explore.

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