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Star Walk Kids is a children's version of the famous astronomical application Star Walk. It is a perfect educational tool for exploring space by young astronomy enthusiasts. Star Walk Kids encourages free exploration with a virtual planetarium where children can learn fun facts by watching animations and listening to brief explanations.

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Take advantage of Star Walk Kids

  • Play exciting astronomical game and learn comprehensible information about space.
  • Listen to interesting astronomy facts voiced by professional actors and watch funny educational cartoons.
  • Test your knowledge with short self-check quizzes, win or improve your result.
  • Enjoy bright colorful illustrations and animations that make using the app even more engaging.
  • Have fun and learn astronomy!


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Explore the Universe step by step, unlock new levels, and get challenged.
Get information about sky objects and learn interesting facts about space.
Watch funny cartoon movies about celestial objects and space phenomena.
Take short self-check quizzes to check your knowledge.
Point your device at the sky and enjoy stars, planets, and constellations.
Visit the virtual planetarium and take a trip to outer space.


Star Walk Kids is a wonderfully educational app that will take a glimmer of interest in the night sky and run with it. There’s a whole world of beauty and science to explore, not to mention the history of the cultures reflected in the constellations. Star Walk Kids does a great job of latching onto the wonder of looking up into the night sky and connecting it back to the world of science.

Sandra Fleming, Best Apps For Kids

The level of detail give this app a great deal of versatility; both parents and educators would find it a useful tool in educating children about space.

Jesse Shanahan, Forbes

The creators here have used colorful images and friendly narrators so kids as young as four can begin to recognize constellations and planets of the solar system, and grasp the fundamental principles of astrophysics. Watching the sky has never been so fun!

The HomeSchool Scientist

Star Walk Kids shapes up to be a must-have for kids curious about all that surrounds our planet.

George Tinari, Engadget