Monster Park

Jurassic dinosaurs are among us


Monster Park

Monster Park

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Monster Park is a powerful augmented reality app that brings enormous dinosaurs and other creepy monsters to the real world. You can observe Jurassic dinosaurs and other creatures walking everywhere — in your living room, backyard, or even in the city center. See them as big as they were in real life, direct and control their movements. Tame your 4D dino, make it follow you, move the direction you like, or fall down for a while.

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Take advantage of Monster Park

  • Watch incredibly realistic dinosaurs and other terrifying monsters (tyrannosaurus rex, pteranodons, triceratops, scolopendra, and more) in the real world.
  • Place a portal to the dinosaurs' parallel universe in augmented reality.
  • Walk with dinosaurs and monsters and control their movements, making them move in different directions or fall down.
  • Try out different game modes for playing with AR dinosaurs and creatures.
  • Take funny photos and videos of monsters to wow your friends or play a trick on them.
  • Design your own dino by changing its skin.
  • Сhange the size of the monster.
  • Be amazed by stunning sound effects.


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Bring dinosaurs in real size into the real world
Control the unique creatures
Follow dinosaurs and other monsters everywhere and walk together
Choose from a variety of modes to interact with
Design your own dinosaur
Create cool photos and videos to amaze your friends


There's something cool about watching a dinosaur roam around a real-world location, just like you're in Jurassic Park. Everyone loves dinosaurs, but have you ever chilled with one in your living room? This is a great showpiece for how good ARKit can look.


Monster Park - AR Dino World has the wow factor of bringing dinosaurs to life and creating a way for us to take pictures and videos with them.

Christy Matte, Common Sense Media

You can use this app to bring those amazing prehistoric creatures, dinosaurs to life in your own world. The dinosaurs are represented well in AR, with stunning organic animation, great voices and even with some subtle yet fun interactions. I had so much fun with this app today in the park, and those virtual dinosaurs felt so real!

AR Critic

This is a great app which could be used with imagination in education.

Richard Hirstwood