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Find out what the Earth looked like millions of years ago! This engaging educational app will show you the biological and geological changes our world has undergone in the past 600 million years. Travel back in time to learn about continental drift and the huge variety of plants and animals that inhabited our planet.

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Take advantage of Dino Walk

  • Dino Walk represents an interactive 3D globe: zoom-in and zoom-out, tap the cards, and read the info.
  • Find over 500 prehistoric species and over 500 modern species that are put to the exact place where they live on the planet.
  • Time periods covered by the app include the Proterozoic, Jurassic, Triassic, and modern-day; use the Time Machine to travel back in time. The Earth map will change accordingly, and the species will correspond to the era you’ve traveled to.
  • Take a challenging quiz to check your knowledge of species that inhabited the Earth in different eras.


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Welcome to the Prehistoric World!
Watch continental drift in a fast-motion view and explore how our planet changed.
Travel back in time and visit various eras.
Meet extinct animals and get extended information on them.
Test your knowledge in the quiz section.
Dino Walk — your guide to Prehistory!


Shows numerous geological periods from Earth's history, and the species that lived in these times. Provides a cool animated look at how the continents have split, collided, and reformed. Good social-media integration. Challenging quiz section.

Tony Hoffman, PC Mag

Dino Walk: Continental Drift offers an interactive globe to explore a billion years worth of changes to the earth — and focuses on the dinosaur and animal species that have inhabited our planet.

Patrick Jordan, iPad Insight

The learner will get a fantastic insight into how the natural landscapes, our geography, and animals have developed to where we are today. This is an app that is suitable for all ages as it holds a breadth of information that is eye-opening, informative, and engaging.

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Love this app, the kids are fascinated with it, it's perfect for a classroom interactive session!


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