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Sky Tonight banner

Sky Tonight

A brand new powerful stargazing guide to help you explore the sky and enjoy space objects in real-time, witness noteworthy astronomical events, and plan your observations!

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Star Walk 2 app

Star Walk 2

Informative and easy-to-use stargazing guide combining astronomical data with premium technology to help you explore the night sky and witness celestial events.

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Satellite Tracker app

Satellite Tracker

Observe the International Space Station, Starlink, or any other satellites in real-time and get predictions for their passes.

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Ephemeris banner


Plan your outdoor photoshoot using precise trajectories of the Sun, the Moon, and the Milky Way.

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Solar Walk 2 app

Solar Walk 2

A powerful pocket encyclopedia of the Solar system with stunning visual technologies to explore space, spacecraft, planets, and other celestial objects in real-time.

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Eclipse Guide banner

Eclipse Guide

Always keep up-to-date on the upcoming solar or lunar eclipses.

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Star Walk Kids banner

Star Walk Kids

Engaging educational game for kids to explore space and learn the basics of astronomy step by step with fun.

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Sky Live banner

Sky Live

Great sky observation planner to help you arrange your nights out for watching stars, planets, and constellations.

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Outland banner


View astounding space scenes with music arrangements to match.

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Moon Walk banner

Moon Walk

Land on the Moon to experience the legendary Apollo 11 mission in augmented reality and take Neil Armstrong’s path on the lunar surface.

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Monster Park banner

Monster Park

Allows you to observe and control incredibly realistic dinosaurs and other monsters in augmented reality..

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Geo Walk banner

Geo Walk

Interactive globe model with handpicked articles on various topics placed on the Earth with respect to their location, which makes the most interesting phenomena of the world fun and easy to discover.

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Dino Walk banner

Dino Walk

A stunning visualization of a billion-year-long change happening in less than a minute.

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Star Walk app promo

Star Walk

Interactive night sky guide that will allow you to find, identify and enjoy space objects in real-time.

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Solar Walk Lite banner

Solar Walk Lite

The absolutely free, ad-supported, and very small in size app that will show you all the main features and celestial bodies of the Solar system and the universe we live in.

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Solar Walk app

Solar Walk

An impressive wealth of information about astronomy and space, presented as an amazing 3D model of our Solar system that can be rotated and zoomed easily.

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