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If you can't see the compass icon in the upper left corner of the Star Walk 2 main screen, it means that your device is not equipped with digital compass(magnetometer) that is required for the Star Spotter (the feature that allows you to track the sky) to be activated. Otherwise the app works as advertised on your device. You can use Star Walk and track the sky and observe stars, satellites, constellations in their proper place for your current location.
If you have previously purchased items in Star Walk 2, please use the restore button or proceed with purchasing again in the Star Walk 2 Additional Contents section to get your purchases(or Star Walk Free unlock screen) Please make sure that you are using the same iTunes account(Google account) you’ve used to purchase those items, and you are using the same version of Star Walk 2 (there are two: Free to download and non-free).
The label on the icon does not affect the content of the app. Free means it is free to download.
Star Walk 2 Free and Star Walk 2 has no difference in terms of content. Star Walk 2 Free is an Ads supported version to switch it off you should open Additional content and buy the In-App.
After the content has been successfully installed, the objects from the bundle can be found in the sky or with the search option (the magnifier icon in the bottom left corner of the Star Walk 2 main screen).
Please make sure that you have a persistent Internet connection established on your device while tracking satellites(comets). Please note that satellites(comets) are available only for real tracking, the position is determined for current date and time.
Your opinion is greatly appreciated.If you study ancient star atlases, you will notice that different astronomers throughout centuries pictured constellations differently. For instance, Cancer was depicted as a crab as well as a lobster, and even when you start digging for Homer's original text of the corresponding myth, there is still room for either one. When you think of it, there is no correct way to picture something that does not exist, these are all products of people's imagination. The important thing is that the stars are in correct places and constellations are formed by officially recognized star groupings. There are no factual mistakes in the app, but we certainly do not mind artistic interpretation where it is appropriate.
Star Walk 2 is about observation the sky from the Earth, you can not see an object in the sky when you are at the object.
Most Android users are familiar with the immersive mode, the full screen mode that is used in many apps on the market. The software navigation buttons are hidden and can be called back with a swipe. More info on the immersive mode can be found at
To deselect an object, you have three options: 1) You can switch the object by selecting another one 2) You can tap on the empty space on the screen 3) You can tap currently selected object.
The Star Walk 2 account has nothing to do with in-app purchases and the code only refers to Eastcolight telescope owners. If you have purchased additional content, it will be downloaded and installed automatically in the additional content section of the app.

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