Space Quizzes From Star Walk

Apr 23, 2021
Space Quizzes From Star Walk
Image Credit: Vito Technology, Inc.

In one of our recent articles, we told you about the content we produce every week and mentioned space-related quizzes there. Today, we’ll talk about these quizzes in detail. Let’s begin!

How do we pick topics?

For now, we developed two ways for choosing a theme for quizzes. The first one is when we dedicate a quiz to an astronomical or space-related event — we write an article about this event and work in parallel on a quiz. In February, astronomy lovers celebrated Galileo Day, so we published an article about this event and made the “Great Astronomers Of the Past” quiz. It tests your knowledge about famous astronomers and surprises you with unexpected questions. For example, do you know which astronomer was burned at stake for his beliefs? Take the quiz and see the correct answer!

The second way is to pick a common, noteworthy topic. A subject can vary from the most famous spacecraft in history to Venus and how it’s similar to the Earth. Since all questions are on different difficulty levels, in some cases, we provide an article where some answers can be found. We advise you to read the article about Venus and learn remarkable facts about this planet before taking the quiz about it. Or vise versa, first test your knowledge and then fill knowledge gaps with the help of the article.

What makes our quizzes special?

As we try to engage more people with our quizzes, users’ feedback is a valuable thing. This is why we investigate statistics and sharing rates in every case. Also, we implemented a like-dislike option that allows evaluating each question — simply tap the thumb up or the thumb down under the answer options.

The same with our apps, we put significant attention on the visual part. Our designers work on an image for every question, picking or creating something catchy and colorful. An excellent example is a “Guess the Nebula” quiz. Check out the breathtaking pictures of nebulas and try to guess their names. Spoiler: some of the names are very weird!

What if I have an idea for a quiz?

We’re always open to your suggestions. Simply contact us via social media or at Or share already existing quizzes on social media if you find them noteworthy. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Sincerely yours, Vito Technology Team.