7 Online Astronomy and Space Quizzes to Take

Jun 25, 2021
7 Online Astronomy and Space Quizzes to Take
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For all space lovers today, we’ve gathered the most noteworthy and extraordinary space tests you should try. Let’s get started! Test your knowledge of space, stars, constellations, deep-space objects, and more.

Guess the Constellation!

What’s the largest constellation in the sky? Which constellation contains a W-shaped asterism? Take this quiz from the creators of the Star Walk 2 app to test your knowledge about constellations!

This is not the most complicated astronomy-related quiz, but it’s certainly exciting and helpful for stargazers. It won’t take long: there are only 10 short statements about constellations. You can retake the test for different questions. Or take another quiz — there are different ones for every taste.

Astronomy and Space Quiz

What makes a planet a dwarf planet? How many miles are in a light-year? What exactly is a quasar? Launch into other worlds while testing your knowledge about space, celestial bodies, and the solar system.

The Astronomy and Space Quiz from Britannica contains 62 questions of different difficulty levels. You’ll have only 10 seconds to answer each question. So hurry up for a better result! The faster you answer, the higher score you’ll get.

How Smart Are You When It Comes to Space?

This quiz from Heywise will give you questions testing your knowledge of space from planets to constellations and astronauts to space exploration. Consider each question you get correct as an accomplishment — whether it's one small step or a giant leap.

It has 30 questions and statements — some of them are even too easy, and some will make you think for a while. But it surely worth taking, at least because it’s beautifully made.

Most Famous Spacecraft in History

What spacecraft was the first to land on a comet? What was the first artificial satellite in the Earth’s orbit? One more quiz from Star Walk for those who’re interested in space exploration. 10 questions with interesting facts about spacecraft. By the way, you can like or dislike questions — just click the thumb up or thumb-down after you pick an answer.

The Ultimate Planets Quiz!

How much do you know about the solar system? Find out in this cosmic quiz from Beano!

Yes, they have pictures of the planets with eyes and mouths. And yes, they use the BTS music group in the space quiz. Although their approach is extraordinary, it doesn’t ruin the picture and surely stands them out. The test contains 8 relatively easy questions, but if you want more, there are other astronomy-related quizzes on the website.

Take the solar system quiz

Do you know Mars from a meteorite or stars from satellites? Test your knowledge of the planets and the sun with the solar system quiz!

The quiz from DKfindout has 10 common questions about our Solar System. It won’t be super interesting for you if you’re an advanced space-lover, but it’s pretty good for astronomy newcomers. Also might be used for kids as an introduction to astronomy.

Supermoon Quiz! Are You Super or Just Lost in Space?

While the Moon is always a beautiful sight in the sky, occasionally skywatchers are treated to a special "Supermoon." Do you know at what phase a Supermoon occurs? Or why do Supermoons not happen every month? Take this quiz from and see how you do!

Only 7 relatively easy questions to answer that will give you a general concept of Supermoons. If you’re not an expert on this phenomenon, maybe check out this Supermoons & Micromoons infographic before taking the test.

These were seven quizzes about space and astronomy that you should take. If you have any other interesting tests you’d like us to add to this article, share them at

Sincerely yours, Vito Technology Team.