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How can I create a reminder?

The app allows you to create reminders/notifications for the moments when the Sun, the Moon and the Milky Way are in the positions you wanted to capture them. You can also create reminders for events like sunset and sunrise, moonrise, full moon, golden hour, etc. To set a reminder, select the event and tap the bell icon in the lower right corner of the screen. You can choose to receive notifications 5/15/30/60/120 minutes before the event. The date and time for your reminder need to be in the future. The positions and trajectories of the objects displayed in the app are not accurate. Make sure that your device is equipped with a digital compass that is required for the display of the positions and trajectories of the Sun, the Moon and the Milky Way. If the positions of the objects are not accurate, try to calibrate the compass. Go to the app menu, choose ‘Calibration’ and rotate your device several times in a figure 8 pattern.

How can I predict the positions of the Sun, the Moon and the Milky Way in the real scene?

To predict and visualize the positions of the Sun, the Moon and the Milky Way in the real scene, use the augmented reality mode. To activate it, tap the camera icon in the upper part of the screen. You will see live projections of the objects in the sky.

What is Visual Search and how do I use it?

The Visual Search feature allows you to calculate the times and dates when the Sun and the Moon are in the positions in the sky you want for a beautiful photo. To do this, set the required altitude and azimuth for the Sun, altitude, azimuth and illumination for the Moon, choose the period for which you want to make calculations and tap the Perform Search button. You can go to Visual Search directly from the augmented reality mode. Once you have found the required positions of the Sun and Moon in the real scene, the parameters will be displayed in the center of the screen, and you can switch to making calculations by taping the moon or the sun icon.

How to find the information about sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, moonsets, golden and blue hours, twilight?

Choose ‘Ephemeris’ in the app menu, and you will see a scale with the objects and events on the right side of the screen. To find the information for the objects and events, tap any of them and drag to the left. A window showing the information you need will be opened. You can get data for any moment by choosing the date and time in the lower part of the screen.

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