Sky Live

Stargazing Forecast

Stay informed, don't miss a thing. Now on Apple Watch!

Hourly location-based stargazing forecast with amazing space photographs and new iOS 7 visual effects. From cloud and visibility conditions to the list of most interesting astronomy events, Sky Live will provide all the information needed to plan the perfect night of stargazing.

The entire app has a beautiful design from the varying space scenes to the seamless overlay of clearly designed details. One of the most valuable features is all of the information boiled down into one percentage allowing you to compare the stargazing percentage across days to see for instance that Friday is 84%, which makes for the best chance of the next seven days.
Trevor Sheridan

This wonderful app enables skywatchers to find celestial objects of interest, with an interface of artistic beauty and functional elegance.
Carl Flygare

This app is just wonderful! We planned a super romantic date under the stars and used it to pick the night. It's super accurate!! Highly recommended!

Upcoming celestial events.
Current phase of the Moon.
Hourly weather report.
Current cloudiness.
Level of light pollution.