Star Walk Brand: Social Media

Feb 12, 2021
News for site Vito 12-02-2021
Image Credit: Vito Technology, Inc.

There are four social media under the Star Walk brand:

Despite that all of them go under the name of Star Walk, we post there different astronomy-related information with advice on which of our apps is more useful for a particular event.

Facebook is, most surely, our biggest audience — it has over 450,000 followers compared to 28,6 thousand followers on Instagram and 16,5 thousand on Twitter (up-to-date numbers for February 2021). The social media called Medium we use mainly as an alternative field for posting articles containing news from the world of astronomy.

Facebook is great for all of our “social media goals”. If you need to receive and analyze feedback from followers, it fits perfectly. Since most of our followers are on Facebook, every week, we check which posts had the most likes and comments and define what type of content is better perceived by users. For example, we know for sure, that our followers are always excited about a beautiful picture of a nebula, or an asteroid, passing close to the Earth.

When we’re not sure, which image is more catchy or what text format we should use, there is a very helpful feature on Facebook — A/B test function. This way we can compare a reaction of the same audience to, for example, different images. Moreover, Facebook has a wide variety of publishing settings and allows to make one post in several languages, manually changing a translation.

This way, Facebook allows to create better quality content in multiple languages and test several types of post to choose the best one!

Sincerely yours, Vito Technology Team.