Dino Walk

Continental Drift

Take a walk with the dinosaurs

Millions of years ago there was only one supercontinent and it was surrounded by an ocean called Panthalassa. Those were the days when the Earth looked quite different from what it does today. This app is a stunning visualization of the billion-year- long change that gave our planet it's present shape. It will show you who inhabited the planet in respective time periods and tell you all about them.

"Dino Walk: Continental Drift is brilliant app, it will appeal to children of all ages. Young children will love moving the earth and exploring the animals and plants from different time periods. While older children will love reading the facts and taking the quiz. I love how easy it is to use and to navigate."
Ruth at AppyMall

"Dino Walk: Continental Drift offers an interactive globe to explore a billion years worth of changes to the earth – and focuses on the dinosaur and animal species that have inhabited our planet."
Patrick Jordan at iPad Insight

Map of the world: then and now.
Quiz to help you learn.
Amazing artist's impressions.
Interesting facts.