Quick SMS

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Quick SMS is a new pack for those who like chatting via SMS. Quick SMS contains two bestsellers from VITO Technology SMS-Chat and ZoomBoard. SMS-Chat allows you to organize SMS correspondence into threaded SMS conversations. ZoomBoard is a soft onscreen keyboard for quick and accurate finger typing. Thus you may save $5 buying Quick SMS as a pack.


Communication Suite

Finger friendly, multi-functions mobile shell, complete new interface, touch screen smart phone, offer, upgrade for your pocket pc,  sms, contacts, tasks, weather, keyboard =

Purchase our famous Communication Suite now for $24.95 and save $40.

Communication Suite includes:

When you buy our Suite you get one single key to register the applications. Download the file and register one of the apps of your choice and the other 4 will also be activated.


Tuned in Package

high quality recorder, voice activated system, MP3, WAV, playlist, bookmars, file editing, selective recording + wav to mp3 converter, wav, mp3 player recorder, equalizer, id3 tags + edit music and ringontes, user-friendly, simple, intuitive interface, optimized sound quality, fun, WAV, MP3 =

'Tuned in' is our new package for you. Buy 3 and get 1 free - Get VITO AudioNotes, VITO SoundExplorer and VITO RingtoneEditor for $14 instead of $21.

Get 'Tuned in' and enjoy:

  • Recording mp3 notes and sending them via e-mail or MMS
  • Reproducing your notes with different speeds
  • Making ringtones and assigning them immediately

When you buy our 'Tuned in' package you get one single key to register all 3 applications. Click on the name of the app here below, download and install each of them with the same key and use it!


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