Star Walk Kids Major Update with New Cartoons!

Dec 15, 2016

Vito Technology is happy to announce that our Star Walk Kids app is updated. We totally redesigned the interface and how a child interacts with the app. Now it is not only the night sky map, but it can be used as an educational tool that acquaints a child with all planets of our Solar System, stars, comets, constellations gradually.

Added ten new cartoons telling about the objects, interesting facts about them. All cartoons have voiceover and translated to all supported languages.

Explore space step by step

The space exploration is a tough task and we divided this process. The child will learn about the planets gradually, when necessary going back to the learnt material.

Test what you’ve learnt

After finding the object in the sky, listening to the short facts and watching movies, one can test their knowledge of what they learnt.

Solar System

New interactive model of Solar System unlocks when a child is through the first level.

iMessage app

Animated stickers will bring much fun to any chat in iMessage app.

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