Star Walk 2 - Major Update

Dec 8, 2016

Virginia based Vito Technology introduces Star Walk 2 app major update for iOS and Apple Watch. Star Walk 2 is an exquisite stargazing tool that combines astronomical data with premium technology to deliver an effortless journey through thousands of stars, comets, and constellations. All you have to do is point your device at the sky.

New Watch App

New Star Walk 2 app uses gyroscope on Apple Watch and compass on the iPhone app. After pairing the gyroscope and compass on your devices one can initialize Star Spotter in a unique way: instead of pointing the phone in the night sky one can lift up the hand (with Apple Watch on it) and point at the bright sky objects, Star Walk 2 app on the iPhone will move the sky map accordingly. This can be particularly useful if one uses projection of the Star Walk 2 app on a bigger screen and makes a presentation in front of the group of people.

Voice Search

Search function is modernised and it uses the latest technology of Speech Recognition to find the celestial objects by voice.

New Missions

New space missions will be added to the app, their trajectories, 3D models, general info and more.

New Calendar events

The updated calendar of events for the year 2017.

iOS 10 fixes

Fixed bugs. Now the work of the app is flawless on all iOS 10 devices.

Language Support:

US English, Russian, Chinese Simple (HANS), German, Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean and Chinese Traditional

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