Dino Walk - Continental Drift in Action Released!

May 1, 2013

Alexandria, Virginia - May 1st, 2013, Vito Technology Inc. has announced the release of Dino Walk - Continental Drift, an illustrative 3D World Fact Book with Time Machine for travelling back to when the dinosaurs inhabited the Earth. By dragging the time machine slider back and forward one can see how the continents moved through time and how they looked billions of years ago. With no Internet connection required users can read facts about animals, dinosaurs and living creatures and memorize the info with the help of multiple choice quizzes. The new Dino Walk app is the next big educational “Walk” app standing in line with the best selling Star Walk, Solar Walk and Geo Walk.

Dino Walk is designed for anyone who wants to explore the movement of the Earth’s continents. Grown-up as well as kids can play with Time Machine and see the changes that took place on the Earth since Proterozoic era when there was only one supercontinent Pannotia and the ocean Panthalassa through Paleocene and Jurrassic eras to present day.

Alongside the changing continent lines one can get acquainted with the species that inhabited the Earth. Be it prehistoric insects and plants, or dinosaurs and early mammals, all items are placed on the globe with respect to the era and approximate area of their distribution.

The app also brings more than 300 of quizzes that can help you memorize new facts. You will definitely know the fastest bird in the world and the largest land invertebrate.

Dino Walk is available for special introductory price of $0.99!.