Popular Cryptography Game Released on Android

Mar 25, 2015

Alexandria, Virginia - Vito Technology Inc. award-winning developer has released their popular educational game Next Quote on Android. The app offers thrilling experience of deciphering a hidden message which contains an inspirational quote from famous authors, founding fathers and modern day politicians. Impossible at first glance, the game will draw you in while simultaneously developing your logic skills.

The Next Quote is a game of substitution cipher, one of the oldest and most basic methods of encoding a secret message. Each letter of the message is replaced with a cipher letter according to a key, which the player does not have. Relying on capital letters and short words, the player breaks the code easily.

The coded messages offer over 500 quotes in different categories.


* Timer to check your progress

* Compete with others online and peep to the results of your opponent

* Use hints when stuck with the phrase

* Fix the correct letter in the quote

* Training pack to learn how to play

* English language structure: syntax, morphology and semantics

* Share the quotes you like on Facebook and Twitter

Pricing and Availability:

Next Quote is free and available worldwide through the iTunes App Store in the Education category and on Google Play Market. The app offers In-App purchases.

Next Quote on Google Play

Next Quote on AppStore

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