Geo Walk 2.4 Opens a Store of Amazing Facts and Goes on Sale

Mar 16, 2012

Alexandria, Virginia - December, 23rd, 2011 - Vito Technology, awarded developer of Star Walk and Solar Walk, is happy to announce the release of Geo Walk 2.4 - 3D World Fact Book. With this update, the app opens an In-App purchase store with high quality content from the famous illustrated reference book publisher Dorling Kindersley. Handpicked articles on various topics (Animals and Plants, History, People and Inventions) are placed on an interactive globe model with respect to their location with an image and a short piece of information making most wonderful things of the world easy and fun to discover. Geo Walk is on sale 70% off regular price through Dec 30th.

The latest addition includes Search, which indexes all items in alphabetical order and greatly improves the usability of Geo Walk app. Other novelties of the app are the enhanced interface and links to Wikipedia . Every item has a corresponding quiz question, so after you are done exploring you can enjoy self check game. Altogether this brings Geo Walk closer to an ultimate interactive book of interesting facts.

Geo Walk for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is available for $0.99.