SelfieX App Changes the Way People Take Selfies with New Voice Assistant

Jan 22, 2016

Alexandria, Virginia - Vito Technology Inc., the award-winning developer of educational apps for iOS, has announced an update to their popular SelfieX app that allows users to shoot self portraits with the back iSight camera of their iPhones. A fine tuned algorithm of the app captures the user's face automatically when it fits the desired frame. The update features ten specially crafted voice characters, that guide users to move the phone and comment on the process in their own unique manner.

The iSight camera features higher sensor resolution and better lens which allow better picture quality than the front FaceTime camera. The problem with using the back camera for selfies is that it is very hard to catch your face in focus.

SelfieX solves the problem of making selfie shots with back camera. The multilingual voiced helper will guide users in English, Russian, French, German, Italian or Spanish to aim the phone correctly. When the app detects a face on the screen, it takes a picture automatically. Users can make quick edits of brightness, color, saturation and crop and share the picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The new update brings ten unique voices to the experience. Each of them was created by a professional actor with no limitation on the scope of the character which added up to a very diverse and charismatic group. The characters help users to position their phone, make comments on the process and the shot, as well as share their general observations on life.

Users can change composition the picture by shifting the face indicator area to the side. This way it is quite easy to take a picture next to something when sightseeing and traveling.

SelfieX 1.1.0 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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