What's The Quote?

Break the code

Let's play secret agents.

Every game is a hidden message that contains an inspirational quote from a famous author, one of the founding fathers or a modern day politician. Impossible at first glance, the game will draw you in while simultaneously developing your logic skills. The app will be confusing the first time you see it, a mess of letters that only offers word length, capital letters, and position in the sentence as clues. Surprisingly, that is more than enough to decode the message. Replacing letters one by one you will gradually see more and more cohesion and meaning and feel like a real spy when deciphering is done.

Brain game! This game has me totally hooked. I've done six categories so far. I think I've gotten sharper and smarter!!

Having lots of fun so far. I am good at cryptograms but this a little different. The letter exchange takes getting used to but you should try it.

This game is so much fun - I am hooked on it. The letters in words of famous quotes are scrambled, so you have to switch certain letters around. There is an entire section that helps you get used to the game. You can alsoexchange coins for hints. It's a bit challenging, but so much fun!